SIFF2019 Slogan & Main Poster

  • DATE19.10.11



We can remind numerous SHIFTs 
in our everyday life.

There is a SHIFT on our keyboards, which we use for functioning the keyboard.
There is a SHIFT in baseball games, which is a strategy to reverse a crisis.
There is a SHIFT on the vehicle gear, which is a physical action to change the speed. 

We always live with some kind of SHIFTs.
Maybe, all these shifts are 
imagination to reach different worlds 
or dynamics for another change.

Independent films have been shifting the trends,
and opened the beginning of the shifts by raising our voices.
Sometime, the films, the filmmakers and the audiences 
have been the protagonists of the shifts. 

If the momentum that shift has created is gathered, 
we have a belief that we can move toward another shift.
Because of that belief, independent films could change and
were able to move on to shift.

So, can you keep it with us?
Dont be afraid of change, SHIFT!
Our belief is going to make another SHIFT!