Program sections of SIFF2020

  • DATE21.02.08



Opening Film
In 2020 when the unprecedented virus spreads all over the world, the SIFF selects Miracle by Min Byung-hun as its opening film. Since his debut, the Flight of the Bee, director Min has been constantly asking prototypical questions about the sources of human existence, including good and evil, life and death, religion and salvation. Miracle is the story of a man and a woman who drain the cup of sorrow to the bottom. And there is great nature beyond the infinitely fragile existence. Nature is an inexplicable universe, and art is the key to awakening the sleeping soul. Screening Miracle as the opening film, the SIFF also invites you to Creator’s Workroom (Two Mirrors: MIN Byung-hun ≠ MIN Byung-hun) to shed light on director Min’s philosophy of art with his new short film, Eternity and A Day.

Short Competition
SIFF2020 selected 26 films for Short Competition out of 1,290 short films submitted, which is the largest number ever. We wanted to consider diversity of materials, filmmakers’ serious concerns about them, fresh perspectives beyond convention, and the power to lead the film. We believe that the task of independent films is to carefully look back on the past and to sensitively understand the present and the future, while we survive today which is different from yesterday. It is a pleasure to meet various films that embrace such concerns in their own ways.

Feature Competition
SIFF2020 selected 12 films for Feature Competition out of 143 films submitted, which is the largest number ever. We focused on the films that step aside from the influence of the existing films, pushing their own cinematic imagination with determination, or that dig into the core of film increasing their depth. Twelve films with unique and distinct textures do not converge into one, creating their twelve worlds. We look forward to having intense discussions and inquiries on the films, as we comprehend the status of Korean independent films of 2020 via these final twelve films.

New Choice Shorts
Novelty and strangeness are synonyms in Cinema. It is a strange sense or a novel experience. New Choice section has the most boundless one of potential which provides the joy of discovery. The 2020 trend of New Choice is “expansion” in one word. Fifteen short films invite you to a strange world that you have never experienced before, bringing a new look and attitude to a familiar world.

New Choice Features
A total of seven feature films are selected for New Choice of the SIFF2020. Hunger mixes an idea of class and imagination of science fiction in a bizarre way. Snowball focuses on looking at and feeling the unrefined provocative and sharp forces. The slug is full of energy to be positive. LIMECRIME is a story about hip-hop-loving young people. What Men Live By makes us re-experience the meaning of salvation and labor. Climbing is an animation dissects maternal myths. Girl With The Camera is a documentary of the characters gazing at the camera and searching for self-esteem.

Festival Choice Short Showcase
Festival Choice is a new name for the existing Special Invitation section, which is an expression of the will to strengthen the identity of this section. Above all, the new title emphasizes its festive meaning. We showcase 22 short films in Festival Choice. We provide the traditional dramas and the films beyond genre boundaries; the films by creators who have a new identity and by the filmmakers who add depth to existing talents. Please enjoy the festive mood with these films which are not usual at all.

Festival Choice Feature Showcase
A total of 16 feature films are to be screened at the Festival Choice section of the SIFF2020. It is an opportunity to see the four debut films of the new directors, the latest films by the established directors, and the seven documentaries that were made over a long period of time.

Independent Film Archive: How Did Film Remember JEON Taeil
This year marks the third year of Independent Film Archive by the SIFF and the Korea Film Archive. In 2020, Independent Film Archive commemorates the 50th anniversary of Jeon Taeil’s death. The labor movement in South Korea is divided before and after the burning of Jeon Taeil on November 13, 1970. His cry of “Don’t waste my death!” has since become a powerful awakening and shakes the world. We select the films of proletariats from the early independent films that embodies social resistance in the 1980s.

Creator’s Workroom
First launched in 2020, the Creator’s Workroom project takes a closer look at the creative process on a common path to communication with films. From a close distance, creators and visitors would have relatively unreserved conversations, which is the direction of the project’s goal. We can visit a studio of a director, a staff, an actor or a critic. For this year’s first visit, we knock on the workrooms of two directors Kim Kyung-mook and Min Byung-hun, and the editor Son Yeonji. We look forward to seeing a three-dimensional world of cinema in the Creator’s Workroom.