New Choice

  • 99's
    LEE Hongrae | 2019 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 16min 31sec (E)
    Yeonji, a highschool student, calls the chauffeur service to scrap an old car, a 99 model Avante. Sumi, the driver, feels that something was not right about Yeonji.
  • Workload
    KIM Jinhwa | 2019 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 12min 55sec (E)
    Cha has to spend the weekend attending her senior executive's family funeral. Being stuck with her nitpicking team leader and an overzealous intern, is exhausting her. And if things weren't bad enough, after Cha and the intern accidentally spill soup on their team leader's white shirt, they both have to go in search of a new one.
  • An Empty Home
    KIM Ye-ji | 2019 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 21min 55sec
    Youngwoo was a low-paid scaffolder at a shipbuilding yard, who met his wife at the height of the shipbuilding bubble. But some years later, when the bubble burst and the shipbuilding companies went under, Youngwoo got laid off. He has a baby that is barely one-year-old and a wife that he loves. He wants to live in this city and has no intention of leaving. He goes to look for jobs.
  • The funeral of the deceased
    HONG Seok Young | 2019 | Documentary | Color+B/W | DCP | 32min 19sec (K,E)
    Do-yi prepares a funeral for Min-young. The exhibition in the form of a funeral was held, to send away the "sexual violence victim Min-young,” and to live again as “Do-yi.” In turns, lawyers, detectives and professors talk about the notion, “victim-likeness”, of which could be regarded as a superstition of this society. Eventually, Do-yi, three of the interviewees, people at the exhibition, ..
  • Potato Sweet Potato
    KIM Jungmin | 2018 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 15min 20sec (E)
    A traffic police is moving to the sweet potato field. There are, a farmer and a fool on the scene. They say, this is a potato field. The traffic police argues with them. They keep on saying, this is a potato field to the end.
  • About Anne Czeksowikov
    YOO Youngju | 2019 | Experimental | Color | DCP | 13min 37sec (KE,KN)
    About Anne Czeksowikov, the great film-maker hidden from the world.
  • Snail Man
    PARK Jae-beom | 2019 | Animation | Color | DCP | 21min 54sec (E)
    An old man named Lot is pushing a round barrow, heading towards a desert with his grandson named Aram, to collect his son's body. After receiving help from a woman of black he met beside a well, he leaves Aram behind and continues the journey by himself. However, Aram follows him. Amidst war, Lot arrives at the town for collecting his son's body. Then another battle starts and Aram witnesses the d..
  • A Maïs from the Past
    YI Chae | 2019 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 28min 28sec (KN)
    Joonie often used to get hungry late at night. Whenever she did, she went to the freezer and took out the corn her father grew at his weekend farm last summer. Two minutes and thirty seconds. While the corn was slowly spinning in the microwave, Joonie wondered to herself. Why did father get mad all of a sudden?
  • Lookalike( )_22yo_Koreancollegegirl.avi
    JUNG Hye won | 2019 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 24min 8sec (E)
    Hyewon finds out that her private sex video has been leaked online by her ex-boyfriend. She sues him for crime, and tries to get a new job in a new place.
  • Silence of the night
    LEE Seung-hyun | 2019 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 25min 1sec
    Young-ji is an obscure poet, sharing a collective workroom with Sang-min, a painter friend, and Ji-hong, an actor friend. On the day Young-ji writes a poem titled “Silence of the night”, she hears about the bankruptcy of her family.

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