• Seoul 7000
    KIM Hongjun, HWANG Juho | 1976 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 8min
    This film is an 8mm documentary about a day of Seoul. It is precious because we can see a pure film form before the film movement in the 1980s began in earnest.
  • Gukpung
    Seoul National University Film Research Society YALLASYEONG | 1981 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 17min
    Having inaugurated after massacring people in Gwangju, the fifth republic of South Korean government plans a large-scale state-organizing festival called ‘National Wind 81’ as part of its obscurantist policy. The members of a student film coterie called Yalasheng of Seoul National University go and shoot the festival holding an 8mm camera and critically capture the scenes. The disposition and ed..
  • Incoherence
    BONG Joon-ho | 1994 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 30min
    A newspaper editorial who habitually steals milk from other people’s doors while jogging in the morning, an elite prosecutor who gets caught urinating on the side of the street while drunk, and a professor who enjoys pornographic magazines, appear on a TV show to share talks on social issues.