• Seoul 7000
    KIM Hongjun, HWANG Juho | 1976 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 8min
    This film is an 8mm documentary about a day of Seoul. It is precious because we can see a pure film form before the film movement in the 1980s began in earnest.
  • Gukpung
    Seoul National University Film Research Society YALLASYEONG | 1981 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 17min
    Having inaugurated after massacring people in Gwangju, the fifth republic of South Korean government plans a large-scale state-organizing festival called ‘National Wind 81’ as part of its obscurantist policy. The members of a student film coterie called Yalasheng of Seoul National University go and shoot the festival holding an 8mm camera and critically capture the scenes. The disposition and ed..
  • Incoherence
    BONG Joon-ho | 1994 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 30min
    A newspaper editorial who habitually steals milk from other people’s doors while jogging in the morning, an elite prosecutor who gets caught urinating on the side of the street while drunk, and a professor who enjoys pornographic magazines, appear on a TV show to share talks on social issues.
  • Fantasy in Winter
    KIM Soyoung | 1984 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 12min
    One day, a woman, who has grown up by the riverside, witnesses an insane man jumping into the river, and then also sees his wife jumping into it grieving over his suicide.
  • Blue Requiem
    KIM Soyoung | 1985 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 13min (E)
    It is the time the sun gathers in the last light. A writer writes that a girl “senses sensuality and watches a death in the dark.” The Woman at The Toy Store, Oh Jeong-hee was adapted to this film, and sexuality of the girl and the woman obtains the rhythm of the Requiem. The moment that the positive turns to the negative offers a thrill of cinema. A queer experimental film for a girl and a woma..
  • Even Little Grass Has Its Own Name
    KIM Soyoung | 1990 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 38min
    Womenlink and Women’s film group Bariteo coproduced this 16mm film, dealing with the labor issue of female white-collar labors. The first part of the film depicts the married women workers suffering from double hardships in their workplace and at home, while the second describes how unmarried female white-collar workers grow up to actively participate in the union, breaking away from the concept ..
  • Oh! My Dream Country
    LEE Eun, CHANG Dong-hong, CHANG Yoon-hyun | 1989 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 90min
    After the Gwangju Democratization Movement was suppressed by force, Jongsu comes to Dongducheon looking for his old friend Taeho from his hometown to avoid investigation by martial law authorities. He is a Chonnam National University student, a teacher at night school, and is chased by the police due to his demonstration activities. Taeho works at a snack bar in the U.S. Army base, but his real jo..
  • Opening the Closed School Gates
    LEE Jae-gu | 1992 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 86min
    This film contains the story of the teachers who make attempts to realize true education and the students who feel frustration in the special class for job searching in a regular high school. It conveys desire for true education and pain in the closed reality symbolized by the closed school gate.
  • Mother, Your Son
    LEE Sang-in | 1991 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 84min
    Inyoung, a junior in college, is conflicting between the activity in student movement and the hardship of his mother who is a street vendor. In the end, he chooses to listen to his mother with compassion for his mother but comes back to his cohorts after his friend Sangho burned himself to death. The pain of Inyoung and his mother begins again, and he is wanted for his article entitled “Comparati..