Special Invitation

  • clockwise moonlaps
    SEO Won-tae | 2019 | Experimental | Color | DCP | 6min 35sec
    The film is a time-laps work, recording the movement of the moon for about a fortnight in January of 2019.
  • Tale of a city
    E J-yong | 2019 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 10min 16sec
    9th June, 1994. A day in Seoul.
  • Breakdown
    SEO Bohyung | 2019 | Experimental | Color | DCP | 10min 28sec (E)
    A man wakes up, hearing a knock on the door. Familiar things are connected in an unfamiliar way. When he opens the door, the light in the bathroom turns on. When he turns on the light of the bathroom, the television is turned on.
  • Alien
    YEON Jegwang | 2019 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 15min (E)
    Reonghee and I are illegal migrant workers. Yesterday, Reonghee died while running away from the Immigrant Office Agents. The company we worked for is only concerned about covering up the mess. I'm going to find Reonghee, who's body is hidden by the company, and give her funeral that she deserves.
  • Leave a message after beep
    YI Okseop | 2018 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 35min 50sec
    I think my boyfriend, who said he couldn't go out because of the fine dust condition, snuck out.
  • The Death Vendor
    JEON Jinkyu | 2019 | Animation | Color | DCP | 5min 40sec
    One day a boy encounters a street vendor selling chickens. The boy knows that these chickens will die very soon. To his eyes, the man is selling nothing other than death itself.
  • Yunseong
    KIM Young-hwan, KIM Yong-sam | 019 | Fiction | Color+B/W | DCP | 30min
    Seongwu is invited by Yunseong, who hasn't been in touch for a longtime.
  • A Nipple
    KIM Yong-seung | 2019 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 20min 54sec (E)
    Yusun goes nuts over her husband's nipple.
  • Misuk Park Decides To Die.
    YOON Miyoung | 2019 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 29min 54sec (KN)
    Mi-sook, a major in Japanese, puts up with her life as a kindergarten teacher. However, upon being replaced by a native-speaking teacher, she gets fired. To make things worse, her cat had died a month ago. She feels sorry for herself and lonely. Thus, decides to get drunk and throw herself in River Han instead of River Seine. Flows of water cover her body. When it should be somewhere in heaven, sh..
    LEE Yong-seop | 2019 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 12min 2sec (E)
    Hong-seok is chased by loan sharks due to his failure from prostitution business. Day by day, he sleeps in the open in bitter weather. By chance, he finds a coin in a vending machine. Hong-seok uses the coin to buy a cup of warm coffee. When he leaves the spot, he feels something strange.

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