Opening Film
In 2020 when the unprecedented virus spreads all over the world, the SIFF selects Miracle by Min Byung-hun as its opening film. Since his debut, the Flight of the Bee, director Min has been constantly asking prototypical questions about the sources of human existence, including good and evil, life and death, religion and salvation. Miracle is the story of a man and a woman who drain the cup of sorrow to the bottom. And there is great nature beyond the infinitely fragile existence. Nature is an inexplicable universe, and art is the key to awakening the sleeping soul. Screening Miracle as the opening film, the SIFF also invites you to Creator’s Workroom (Two Mirrors: MIN Byung-hun ≠ MIN Byung-hun) to shed light on director Min’s philosophy of art with his new short film, Eternity and A Day.
  • Miracle

    | Opening
    MIN Byung-hun | 2020 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 81min 58sec (E)
    Jangwon is declared bankrupt after he is made a victim of fraud by friend Minkyo. While desperately searching for Minkyo who has disappeared, Jangwon hears that another old school friend, Jiyeon, is also looking for him. Jangwon approaches her as he thinks it would make the search for Minkyo easier.