Festival The 45th Seoul Independent Film Festival
Sector Archive
Title Oh! My Dream Country
Director LEE Eun, CHANG Dong-hong, CHANG Yoon-hyun
Information 1989 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 90min
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After the Gwangju Democratization Movement was suppressed by force, Jongsu comes to Dongducheon looking for his old friend Taeho from his hometown to avoid investigation by martial law authorities. He is a Chonnam National University student, a teacher at night school, and is chased by the police due to his demonstration activities. Taeho works at a snack bar in the U.S. Army base, but his real job is a U.S. goods dealer. Living with Taeho whose final dream is leaving for America after making a quick buck and the tough bar girls, Jong-su cannot get assimilated with the life in Dongducheon. On the one hand, he feels painful because of the memory of Gwangju.
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