The 46th Seoul Independent Film Festival | Short Competition

Our Summer Poem

YOUN Hyein

2020 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 23min 9sec

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Day Time Venue Info
11.27. 15:00 (CINEMA3)
11.28. 10:30 (ART3)
12.02. 19:40 (ART2)
Dajung, beloved by teachers and classmates, hides her dream to become an author. One day, Dajung meets a new girl – Seo-jung, who has won an award at a writing competition in which Dajung had no success. As she gets to know more and more about Seo-jung, Dajung has mixed feelings of admiration, jealousy, and self-doubt. A school writing competition is coming up. Dajung longs for Seo-jung’s world.
Upon realizing the world of admiration was just an illusion, kids break their way out into the world.
Festival & Awards
World Premiere

연출 YOUN Hyein

Director YOUN Hyein
Producer CHOI Naeun
Screenwriter YOUN Hyein
Cinematographer SHIN Seung-woo
Editors LEE Joohyup, YOUN Hyein
Lighting SHIN Seung-woo
Art Director KIM Seungkyun
Sound PARK Seungbi
Cast JUNG Jihyun, KIM Hye-yoon
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