The 46th Seoul Independent Film Festival | Short Competition


OH Woo-ri

2020 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 18min 27sec (E)

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Day Time Venue Info
11.27. 17:20 (CINEMA3)
11.29. 11:00 (CINEMA2)
12.01. 14:00 (ART1)
As a sole witness of the theft, Yubin secretly finds it amusing when Yerim, the most popular girl, loses her laptop. Yubin approaches Gayoung, the culprit, and volunteers to help her out.
Twisted sense of morality and dominance can often be guised as an act of help.
But in the eyes of the very perpetrator, it is only a well-meaning act of good, leaving oneself to feel misunderstood.
Festival & Awards
World Premiere

연출 OH Woo-ri

Director OH Woo-ri
Producer LEE Yu-on
Screenwriter LEE Ji-yeon
Cinematographer HYEON Ye-bin
Editors OH Woo-ri , OH Su-yeon
Lighting KWON O-yun
Art Director LEE Seo-hyeong
Cast MOON In-ok, OH Eun-jae, KIM Yu-ri



2019 To Hayeon


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