The 46th Seoul Independent Film Festival | Feature Competition


CHOI Hyuk-jin

2020 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 71min 51sec

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Day Time Venue Info
11.27. 17:20 (CINEMA2)
11.30. 17:30 (ART3)
12.02. 20:00 (ART3)
Min-seok, who has just returned to Korea from Australia, gets to know his father left for Thailand with his stepmother. He is going to stay at his late grandmother’s house for a while. Su-ho, who is the son of Min-seok’s stepmother and has just been discharged from the navy, also needs a place to stay. In this way, they get together unintentionally and not as comfortably in a rustic rural place.
Only after a relationship ends, do we come to realize what it was for. A person, who I thought would be just a man of that sort I’ve met while living , might be the only person to whom I opened up. I felt inclined to express some feelings that we didn’t know then but suddenly came to realize after the relationship ended via a story of two men, the one who lost the power to start again and the other who is curious about everything while standing at the starting line.
Festival & Awards
World Premiere

연출 CHOI Hyuk-jin

Director CHOI Hyuk-jin
Producer CHOI Hyuk-jin
Screenwriters CHOI Hyuk-jin, RYU Han-kyu, HUH Jong-hoe
Cinematographer CHOI Hyuk-jin
Editor CHOI Hyuk-jin
Assistant Director RYU Han-kyu
Sound RYU Han-kyu, SHIN Seong-yong
Calibration LEE Eun-hye
Cast HUH Jong-hoe, LEE Sang-wook

2020 Ookagawa River 

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