The 46th Seoul Independent Film Festival | Feature Competition

Twelve Years Old

BAK Sung-jin

2020 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 66min 5sec

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Day Time Venue Info
11.28. 12:20 (ART2)
11.30. 17:30 (CINEMA3)
12.02. 15:30 (CINEMA2)
A 12-year-old girl, Hae-Kum, stumbles on a fainted woman while heading home after playing with her friends at a park. Hae-Kum and her friends stand still, not being able to go near the woman. Hae-Kum makes her mind straight and calls 911, sending the woman on an ambulance. After all the friends head home, Hae-Kum finds a placard that the woman dropped, which is a signboard that is looking for a missing child. She decides to find the child for the woman.
I asked the children, "What would you do if you saw a flyer about a missing child?" I made this movie by following their choices without a script. For some, this movie may be a fleeting memory, but I would like to believe that to others it will be one they remember forever.
Festival & Awards
World Premiere

연출 BAK Sung-jin

Director BAK Sung-jin
Producer BAK Sung-jin
Screenwriter BAK Sung-jin
Cinematographer KIM Jonathan
Editor KIM Soo-beom
Lighting KIM Jonathan
Music JOE Myoung-jean
Cast JANG Hae-kum, KIM Da-min, KWON Ye-ju, AN Hyun-woo, BAE Yeon-hwi


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