The 46th Seoul Independent Film Festival | Feature Competition

33 Daldongne 33 Up


2020 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 123min 47sec (K)

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Day Time Venue Info
11.27. 14:00 (ART2)
11.29. 20:00 (ART1)
12.01. 16:30 (ART1)
This is an essay of a sociologist’s 33-year engagement with Grandma Jung’s family. The family was one of thousands families to be driven out in Sadang demolition area so called Daldongne, where sociological fieldwork started in 1986. Covering four-generation of the family up to 2019, the film testifies in vivid detail how the vicious circle of urban poverty is reproduced in various ways, ringing beyond the boundary of that one family.
The film intends to represent the unstability of the poor in time and space, focusing on one poor family over 4 generations. It is an ethnographic documentary at the same time experimental in the sense that the relationship between the viewer and the viewed is crumbled.
Festival & Awards
2020 제21회 전주국제영화제
2020 제21회 제주여성영화제
2020 제13회 서울노인영화제


연출 CHO Uhn

Director CHO Uhn
Producer CHO Uhn
Cinematographers KIM Woo-yeon, LEE Da-som, LEE Ye-rim, PARK Kyoung-tae, CHO Won-yul, KOO Jae-mo, KIM Man-tae
Editor LEE Eun-soo
Music LEE Ki-yong
Cast JUNG Keum-sun, LEE Su-il, LEE Young-ju, LEE Eunju, LEE Deok-ju

2009 22 A Nice Place 

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