The 46th Seoul Independent Film Festival | New Choice

Namsan Mountain

KIM Young-chan

2020 | Fiction | Color+B/W | DCP | 14min 16sec (E)

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Day Time Venue Info
11.27. 14:00 (ART3)
11.29. 17:00 (ART2)
12.01. 14:30 (CINEMA2)
Sol who is from Samnye, Luckily got a job in Seoul. Her mother told her that she could see all of Seoul at Namsan Mountain. There she encounters an old friend from her mother's past and spends the day with her.
Our lives are too busy and mundane to think about the space around us. But when you think about the history of that space, it suddenly becomes unfamiliar to us. Those are the moments I tried to capture.
Festival & Awards
World Premiere

연출 KIM Young-chan

Director KIM Young-chan
Producer KIM Yong-hyun
Assistant Director YOO Seung-heon
Assistant Director JUNG Jae-wook
Sound Innerbit Sound
Recording HWANG Da-bin
Cast KIM Sun-Kyung, KIM So-ra
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