The 46th Seoul Independent Film Festival | New Choice

Ⅰ The old man was dreaming about the lions – Volume 1

Moojin Brothers

2019 | Documentary, Experimental | Color | DCP | 30min 34sec (E)

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11.27. 14:00 (ART3)
11.29. 17:00 (ART2)
12.01. 14:30 (CINEMA2)
The old man gets up early in the morning, drinks water, shakes the dust off his socks, and prepares to stand up. Behind the old man's back is the sound of his sleep talking last night. During the day, the wrinkled body of the old man moves very slowly, checking bills and going out. At night, the body of an old man who falls asleep makes an incomprehensible sleep talk. The images of daytime physical activity and the sounds of night are mixed together, and the environments surrounding his body and residence intervene in the slow-flowing time of the old man. It's such a familiar place for the elderly born and raised in the village, but now it's become a place where you can't go on your own. The scenery around the village leads to the old man's living space at the end of the video. All the spaces except the room where the old man was asleep have old objects, indicating that it was once crowded with his family. If you walk around the house with the sound of the old man's sleep talking and deep breaths, you will stop in front of a scene that connects reality and dreams.
The work focuses on the daytime of an old man, who has lived his entire life in the same town. While breathing hard, he performs his routines - eating meals and checking the bills. Sounds of his sleep talking overlap with his physical activities against the backdrop of scenes of his old residence and a variety of natural environments. Physical activities during the day and sleep talking during the night may be the only vigor that the old man, who is almost at the age of 100, can show. This video illuminates his living environments from a distant and medium-range view, providing a sense of visual distance. Through the process of observing the physical activities and living environments of an old man from multiple angles, the work questions the views on one's own old age and dwelling as well as conditions of life.
Festival & Awards
World Premiere

연출 Moojin Brothers

Director Moojin Brothers
Producer Moojin Brothers
Screenwriter Moojin Brothers
Cinematographer Moojin Brothers
Editor Moojin Brothers
Art Director Moojin Brothers
Recording Moojin Brothers
Cast JUNG Jeomi


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