The 46th Seoul Independent Film Festival | Festival Choice

The End of the Universe

HAN Byung-a

2020 | Animation | Color | DCP | 9min 15sec

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Day Time Venue Info
11.28. 14:30 (CINEMA2)
12.01. 19:30 (ART3)
The doctor asked the protagonist who is a terminally ill patient with a time limit: What are you going to say to your children? Only obvious answers came to her mind but then suddenly thought of a word. “Walk.” On her way back home, the people she encounters show her other answers.
No one knows where the end of the universe is. It's like the end of our life which is also unknown. What kind of mindset should we have when we face an unexpected crisis between our life and death? She seeks answers from her ordinary life in this vague universe.
Festival & Awards
2020 디지콘6아시아 은상
2020 제7회 한중꿈키움단편영화제
2020 제1회 김포평화생태영화제
2020 제15회 런던한국영화제
2020 제8회 브뤼셀한국영화제
2020 제16회 인디애니페스트
2020 제16회 제천국제음악영화제
2020 제21회 가치봄영화제
2020 제22회 정동진독립영화제
2020 제21회 대구단편영화제
2020 제15회 부산국제어린이청소년영화제
2020 제21회 전주국제영화제 한국단편경쟁 대상

연출 HAN Byung-a

Director HAN Byung-a
Producer HAN Byung-a
Screenwriter HAN Byung-a
Editor HAN Byung-a
Music HAN Byung-a
Voice KIM Juri, SEO Sae-rom, HAN Byung-a, JUNG Da-hee, CHOI Jain, LEE Yeong-gi, CHO Seon, KIM Dong-wook, WON Ho-yeon, WON Jea-yeon, LEE Hyeon-yeong


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