The 46th Seoul Independent Film Festival | Festival Choice

Our Joyful Summer Days

LEE Yu-bin

2020 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 113min 47sec (E)

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Day Time Venue Info
11.28. 19:40 (CINEMA3)
12.01. 11:30 (ART3)
Chan-hee and Se-yeong, a couple in a long-term relationship, find themselves tiring of each other as life becomes difficult. Chan-hee wanted to become a photographer, but is now a salesperson in a camera store. Meanwhile, Se-yeong works in a nail salon, feeling a lack of hope for the future. One day, Chan-hee realizes that a financially-secure man with a steady job has been showing interest in Se-yeong. Needless to say, Se-yeong, enjoys his attention. Not to lose his girlfriend to that man, Chan-hee plans a trip to reconnect with Se-yeong and refresh their relationship. However, their journey seems to go nowhere. While traveling, they constantly express love, open up more, fight with each other, and gain intimacy.
Festival & Awards
2020 제25회 부산국제영화제

연출 LEE Yu-bin

Director LEE Yu-bin
Producer LEE Yu-bin
Producer AHN Byung-rae
Screenwriter LEE Yu-bin
Cinematographer JI Sang-bin
Editor LEE Yu-bin
Lighting KANG Ji-hyun
Music Woojoo
Art Director HONG Seung-jin
Cast Jisoo, LEE Yun-seol

2013 Shuttlecock 

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