The 46th Seoul Independent Film Festival | Indie-Film Archive

Yellow Flag

CHANG Dong-hong

1987 | Fiction | Color | DCP | 18min 7sec

No Trailer.


Day Time Venue Info
11.27. 19:00 (ART1)
12.04. 12:30 (ART1)
Mija, who works as a seamstress at a clothing factory, lives up to her reality, although she is dissatisfied with continuous overtime works, night shifts, and unpaid salaries. Even if her roommate Yeonghee recommends her to join the labor movement, it is hard for her to do that. One day, watching Sukja, who leads the labor movement, being fired and assaulted for being the rebellious, Mija begins to rage against the injustice in her heart.
Festival & Awards
연출 장동홍
제작 서울예술전문학교
각본 장동홍
촬영 오정옥
만든이들 김성응, 이명자, 이재호, 이정순
출연 양희, 유덕영, 이재호, 이정순, 이은희, 임영신


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