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LEE Sang-in

1989 | Documentary | Color | DCP | 57min 9sec

No Trailer.


Day Time Venue Info
11.28. 19:30 (ART1)
12.04. 14:30 (ART1)
A documentary recording the struggle of workers against the unilateral shut-down by a multinational company called Shure Products. About 150 workers stage a 122-day long sit-in at their workplace, exposing the injustice of the disguised shut-down and fighting in order to reopen the factory. The filmmakers shared a two-month stay with the workers to capture the scenes of the fight to withdraw the shut-down. The union’s youngest member is the narrator of the film, vividly conveying the daily routine of the struggle and the sentiments of the workers.
Festival & Awards
연출 이상인
제작 민족영화연구소
각본 이상인, 이창원
프로듀서 이상인
촬영 이상인
편집 이상인
사운드 이상인
음악 이상인

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