• Schedule  :   2020. 11. 26(Thu) - 12. 04(Fri)
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Independent Film Festival with Competition Showcase
The Seoul Independent Film Festival (hereafter the SIFF) is a Korean independent film festival with competition showcase, encompassing and reviewing various independent films of the year. The SIFF awards many prizes to diverse independent films including feature films, experimental films, documentaries and animations without distinction of themes, forms and length. The SIFF also introduces different trends of independent films in special invitation sections.
Film Festival for Exchanges and Communications
The SIFF would like to seek for independent film spirit and vision of the times, as independent filmmakers of our times gather in the festival. The SIFF draws participation of independent filmmakers including directors, actors and crew working in different fields. It also aims for the real festival of significance, keeping in step with the audience as it runs the Audience Jury.
A Future-oriented Film Festival
The SIFF actively discovers new independent films alternative to existing films. It has contributed greatly to the development of feature independent films and consolidated the status of independent cinema in the Korean film scene. We challenge the new possibility of the film through a differentiated vision from mainstream films.
A Film Festival Thinking of Post-Festival
Working on various ordinary projects, the SIFF is expanding the base of independent cinema. The SIFF holds Indie Picnic the nationwide circulating screening, produces the blu-rays and DVDs of SIFF best collections, screens independent films online, and publishes NOW the independent film magazine and related books. The SIFF also participates into film production, distribution and marketing for independent films so as to discover more audiences.
Invitation of International Independent Films and International Exchanges
The SIFF introduces acclaimed international independent films. This offers new inspirations to film creators. For the sake of the status of Korean independent cinema as the hub of Asian independent films, the Seoul Independent Film Festival as the largest Korean independent film festival will establish the bridgehead for overseas expansion by constructing the international exchange network henceforth.