TThe 46th Seoul Independent Film Festival




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The Association of Korean Independent Film & Video, Korean Film Council


Seoul Independent Film Festival 2020 Executive Committee


Opening/Closing Ceremony, Independent Film Archive Cine Talk, Guest Visit, Actor’s Project, Talk Forum, Creator’s Workroom

About Seoul Independent Film Festival

Independent Film Festival with Competition Showcase
SIFF(Seoul Independent Film Festival) is a domestic competition festival encompassing varied independent films of the year. Regardless of theme, format and genre, the films are contested and awarded. Through the festival, SIFF ends the year with the discovery of new independent films as well as the introduction of diverse trends in the invitation sections.
Exchanges and Communications
SIFF would like to seek for independent film spirit and vision of the era, by gathering people coming from all parts of the independent film scene and drawing them into participation in the festival.
A Future-oriented Film Festival
SIFF actively discovers new independent films alternative to existing films. It has contributed greatly to the development of independent films and consolidated the status in the Korean film scene. SIFF continuously challenges the new possibility of the film through a differentiated vision from mainstream films.
Thinking of Post-Festival
SIFF keeps expanding the base of independent films by working on a variety of projects such as INDIE PICNIC (screening tour), DVD/Blu-ray production, book publishing, ACTOR’S PROJECT(acting competition), film distribution and marketing business. By introducing acclaimed international independent films, it also acts as a bridgehead for global networking.
Invitation & Exchange of International Independent Films
SIFF introduces acclaimed international independent films, which can inspire film creators in Korea. On the other way round, SIFF also introduces Korean independent films to overseas platforms through INDIE PICNIC and some projects. As a hub of Asian independent films and the largest Korean independent film festival, SIFF tries to establish the bridgehead to extend the boundaries by building the international network.


Main Slogan

"New Challenges for Korean Cinema"

The Seoul Independent Film Festival, as a venue to support independent films which expand the potential of Korean cinema, selects its main slogan, ‘New Challenges for Korean Cinema.’ This was also the initial slogan that in 1999, the Korean Film Council and the Association of Korean Independent Film & Video chose together with the aim of the festival’s willingness to change, which is still effective. Independent films are expanding their future through various practices and aesthetic experiments, after they went through high tensions of Korean film movements. Along with the Seoul Independent Film Festival, new challenges for Korean films continue today.


 "A world different from yesterday


As our eyes and cameras move into the world,
we, at the same time, think of both inside and outside the frame

that we cannot resolve by conflicts.
The further you go out, the deeper you go in.
A new world coming as the universe in us expands.
We believe that films are made in this process.
What is the purpose of bringing the world’s discord into a film?
The world we wanted to share in the medium of film
may be neither sanguinity nor despair; something beyond the confine of them.

Under this pandemic situation,
resolvedly confront confrontations and contradictions

which are covered by power superiority

instead of reminiscing or fantasizing the past.
We would like to dispel the illusion of an age of uninterrupted development,
ask a question about today that is different from yesterday and

question of new normality

through the past created by the 2020 indicators.

Our independence ought to be the one from not only baseless positivity and frustration,

but also from dichotomous values that take advantage of a capitalistic logic.
We would like to ask everyone here at our festival;

how should independent films look at the world before this pandemic situation?;
how should they meet with the future world?

Seoul Independent Film Festival as an active place for independent films

would like to become a passage to go to a world different from yesterday.



Dimensions piled up and extended

The slogan-“A world different from yesterday” can be interpreted as a new reality with many levels. The world surrounding us is also piled up with many dimensions, according to various points of view. The poster expresses the independent films expanding boundaries with a new point of view about the world.





Short Competition
Main competition section for short films. It discovers and screens short independent films full of new possibilities and potential.
Feature Competition
Main competition section for experimental and daring feature independent films with the vision and the establishment of Korean movies.
New Choice
Competition section to encourage rising directors who have made less than 1 film. The section consists of short & feature films with original spirit and challenge.
Festival Choice
Invitation section screening controversial films which encompass the spectrum of independent films of the year.
Indie-Film Archive
Invitation section shedding light on the old independent films digitally archived
Creator's Workroom
Special screening and talk program looking into the process of films with the creators in the scene.

※ The distinction of feature film and short film is based on the 60 minute running time. This section is subject to change prior to the festival.




Anyone with Korean nationality can apply for it. Foreigners and overseas Koreans, who have lived in Korea for more than 1 year, can apply only for invitation sections but not for the competition sections. For more information and inquiries, contact us: